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  • In LIVING HOPE we hope to see everyone grow to

  • Reach out WORLD through evangelism and missions

  • Experience REVIVAL through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives

  • Connect with God through PRAYER in intimacy and intercession

  • Be rooted in FELLOWSHIP for growth and service

Kids for Peace

Kids & Teens Sunday School

Children are very important to us here at Living Hope. The Children’s Church has a team of dedicated teachers who love God and love working with children.  It is our desire, that every child not only has the knowledge of Jesus Christ, but more importantly, has a personal relationship with Him.

Marriage Counselling

Married couples may face conflicts and differing expectations in their relationship, leading to marital stress and grow apart.


Do not wait till it is too late to go for help. Relationships do not fall apart overnight. The longer the problem stays, the more the relationship becomes strained.


Seek help early from a professional to work with you and your spouse on improving your marital relationship. A counsellor can help you and your spouse to:


  • Understand the issues and conflicts in your marriage

  • Improve your marriage by working through the issues and reasons for conflict.

  • Discover internal resources and strengths that could strengthen your marriage.

  • Communicate and re-connect with your spouse

  • Regain the trust and commitment in your marriage

Contact us for counselling

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Youth Group Initiatives


In brighter youth, we believe that a young person’s experience in his or her youth days sets the foundation for the rest of their lives. And there’s no better experience that will set the foundation of a person’s life than to grow in knowing the love of God and to live in response to the love and grace of God revealed to us through Jesus Christ. Our desire as a youth ministry is to seek the Lord and save the lost!


We grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ together through corporate worship and learning from the Word of God. Through a time of worship, prayer and preaching, youths gain revelation and insight on God and are inspired and encouraged to grow in their personal relationship with God.


We learn new skills and develop our character through serving in the various service teams such as the Ushers, Sound, Projection, Light, Worship, Digital Media, and Creative teams. All youths are monitored in their areas of service and developed to bring out the best in them.


We build strong friendships and lifelong bonds as a spiritual family as we journey together in living out our faith in cell groups. We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to apply what we have learned from the sermon and to do life together.

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